Kayaking And Canoeing in Guildford

The River Wey is a lovely place to go canoeing. In the late 17th century, a navigation was made from the Thames at Weybridge up to Guildford. Later this was extended to Godalming. The Wey today is therefore made up of "canalised" sections,the River Wey and Godalming navigation, interspersed with sections of natural river. 


The Wey offers canoeists and kayaks gentle trips on still waters, and also miniature adventures on some of the natural river loops that wind their way down around the locks of the navigation. These backwaters have a modest flow and are lovely places to paddle, though they can have fallen trees blocking them. 


There are many places to launch your canoe on the Wey, and whilst the total length of the navigation is only 20 miles, there are a large number of possible day trips which can be done. It is even possible to make circular canoeing routes by going up parts of the navigation, portaging a weir, and returning down the natural river. 

Wey Kayak Club

Wey Kayak Club

Wey Kayak Club is one of the top kayak clubs in the country and caters for the needs of over 400 participants of all levels: from beginners to international level canoeists representing Great Britain at European Championships, World Championships, and Olympic Games. All the members here can paddle in flat-water conditions – “Placid Water” – using a wide range of canoes and kayaks built specifically for flat-water racing and suited perfectly for the conditions of the river Wey.
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