I visited Guildford’s oldest cafe for breakfast and couldn’t get over the potatoes

Probably the last time I counted bits of food on my plate my mother was leaving my bedside light on because I scared of the bogeyman or some other ghoul. But now I’m 40 and I’ve just tallied up the mountain of sautéd potatoes that came with my breakfast at the Woodbridge Cafe. I remain stunned by my findings.

The cafe is apparently the oldest one in Guildford – and looks like a small, unkempt shack from the outside – and I nearly didn’t get to see much of it when I arrived because it was so packed. I resigned myself to eating outside on one of the three unoccupied tables with the noisy A322 for company.

However, a few people left before my Woodbridge Special, which cost £8.95, turned up and I went back inside and settled in a red leather seat. The overall interior had a 1950s American vibe to it with diner-style chairs and tables along with a chequered floor.

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The plate was so surprisingly massive that I struggled to get it all in for a photo. On it were two sausages and bacon rashers, a lot of scrambled eggs, a lot of beans and the potato mountain.

I then realised I had two hash browns hidden underneath the potatoes. The sausages mushed up a little too willingly when chewed and the egg was not firm enough.

But the thick, rich bacon and excellently crispy hash browns made amends. I’d read reviews on Tripadvisor about this place being a proper old school working men’s cafe.

Image of full English breakfast had at Woodbridge Cafe in Guidford - the oldest cafe in Guildford
The photo doesn’t do it justice – this plate was huge.
(Image: Steven White)

It’s true, there were plenty of blue-collared customers inside and where else is a teabag and spoon left in your cup and a side slice of one buttered white bread served? By the way, I counted 61(!) potatoes on my plate and I left 25 of them after finishing off the rest of my meal.

Although it’s not too far from the town centre, Woodbridge Cafe is a little out of the way for day-trippers and Google Maps won’t even direct you to the right place – or at least mine didn’t. It’s as if it’s a little secret gem for the locals only.

The place is obviously doing something right to be still knocking around and only slightly younger than The Queen. Even if the breakfast wasn’t the best around, it deserves to be still on the map after all this time.

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