Guildford woman arrested on suspicion of sending ‘grossly offensive messages’

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of sending “grossly offensive messages” in Guildford. The 48-year-old was arrested on Monday (October 3).

Surrey Police arrested the suspect at an address in Guildford as part of an investigation into allegations of malicious communications (sending of indecent, grossly offensive messages, threats, or information) and harassment. As part of the investigation, a number of electronic devices were seized as potential evidence.

The woman was interviewed at Guildford police station but has now been released under investigation. However, Surrey Police has been forced to issue a statement after a number of people began discussing the case on social media.

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The force reminded the public that it cannot comment on active investigations. Doing so could prejudice the case.

Temporary Detective Chief Inspector David Bentley said: “There is significant commentary on social media around the perceived circumstances behind this investigation. We do not have the freedom of detailing every stage of our inquiries or the specifics of an allegation on social media as it is critical we do not pre-empt or prejudice any future proceedings at any stage.

“When we receive an allegation of a crime, in this instance one where a grossly offensive message is said to have been communicated, it is our job to assess it alongside any available evidence to identify if an offence has been committed. If it has, we gather further evidence and carry out an investigation to prove or disprove the allegation. That is exactly the process that is being followed in this case.

“The investigation into these allegations is very much ongoing and the relevant inquiries are being carried out. We have a duty to protect the integrity of an investigation, so we will not be providing a running commentary on this case.”


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