8 adorable dogs in and around Surrey looking for their forever homes

Across the county, there are many dogs living in temporary foster homes.

While foster pet parents can offer a loving and comfortable space, they are only a temporary solution.

Our four-legged friends benefit the most when they find a forever home, and perhaps you could provide just that.

Whether it is a tiny Chihuahua Pug cross or a lively Beagle crossbreed you are looking for, below we have listed eight unique dogs currently up for adoption.

The RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham and ProDogsDirect in Aldershot are listing the pooches on their respective websites.

To shine a light each of the special pups looking for a loving family, we have provided a profile on each one below as well as the details of how to adopt.

Bella the Beagle crossbreed

Bella has some emotional scars
(Image: RSPCA)

Bella is being looked after by the RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham. The RSPCA advises anyone looking to rehome or foster an animal at the moment should check their nearest centre for the current process given the current Covid-19 rehoming protocols.

Bella had already been in four homes by the time she was seven months old which has left her with some “emotional scars”, the RSPCA reports.

The one-year-old pup is described as “cheeky”, but she can quickly be frightened if something or someone scares her.

She is looking for a very experienced adult home, with someone who has trained complex dogs before.

Bella is looking for a rural detached home. She would not do well in a built-up area because noises and unfamiliar people worry her.

She will also need a large but secure garden to run around in. In public she will need to stay on the lead – as a hound, she likes following smells.

At Millbrook, Bella has shown her clever side and knows sit, down and paw, and she is very good at agility. She also has a love for footballs and is learning to bring them back to swap for another.

Find out more information on Bella here.

Thelma the crossbreed

Thelma is house trained and is looking for an adult-only family or one with older teenage children
(Image: RSPCA)

Six-year-old Thelma is seeking a new home after her owners were unable to meet her welfare needs.

She can be unsure of new people and new places but once she gets to knows someone “she is a friend for life”, the RSPCA says.

Thelma is very nervous around men, so her new family will need to be experienced and be able to help her cope in situations when she is unsure.

The pooch is looking for an adult-only family, or one with older teenagers, who are used to caring for large breed dogs. Ideally, she will have a family that have had Mastiff types before and understand the breed.

She is not so keen on bouncy dogs or some smaller dogs, so, for this reason, the new owners should not have another dog.

In her previous home, Thelma was house trained; she travelled well in the car but did drool. She can be left for short periods of time but could bark like all dogs. She would be best having someone based at home a good part of the day while she settles.

For more information about Thelma, press here.

Lennox the Chihuahua Pug cross

Lennox needs owners experienced in dealing with powerful personalities
(Image: ProDogsDirect)

Seven-year-old Chihuahua Pug cross, Lennox, is “a mixture of charm and tenacity in equal measures”, says ProDogsDirect, based in Aldershot, Hampshire.

He needs an adult home only and provided the felines are bold, he could cohabit with cats without any issues.

In the home, Lennox has been described as a bit of a “diva”. He is well-behaved so long as he is happy with what is asked of him. If he is not happy to do something, for example, be moved or share his seat, he will let you know in no uncertain terms that he is displeased.

Lennox enjoys walks, is good on the lead and he also travels well.

He is looking for owners who are around for most of the day and who have experience with dogs like Lennox. Prospective adopters will be expected to travel to Guildford to meet him, where he is currently in a foster home.

Find out more information here.

Peppa the French Bulldog

Peppa loves humans with a passion
(Image: ProDogsDirect)

Eight-month-old Peppa is a tiny French Bulldog who is currently in a foster home in Guildford, looking for her forever home.

She is very sociable and will be comfortable being rehomed with older children who are used to dogs.

Peppa came back into rescue as she is a full-on Frenchie who plays hard and is vocal – if she feels able to intimidate other dogs she will try her luck, ProDogsDirect says.

She will be best re-homed with one other dog, potentially a larger dog who is well-socialised and has good dog manners, but able to let Peppa know appropriately that she is not the boss.

Peppa enjoys walks and can be strong on the lead with excitement. Find out more information here.

Heidi the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Little Heidi is very nervous
(Image: ProDogsDirect)

Five-year-old Heidi likes to be around people but she is still nervous of unexpected sights and sounds. Although making good progress, everything outside the home is new and therefore frightening for the little dog.

Heidi must be homed with at least one other dog, and she will benefit from a calm and social canine companion to help show her the ropes. She also enjoys cuddling up with her four-legged friends.

She is looking for owners who are around for most of the day and who have experience of nervous dogs. Heidi needs time and patience and “will blossom in the right home”, ProDogsDirect says. A quieter home will be best as it will allow her to grow and adjust at her own pace.

Prospective adopters are expected to travel just over the border to an address near Addington, close to Warlingham, in order to meet Heidi.

Find out more information here.

Sukie the crossbreed

Sukie is very nervous and in need of a quieter home
(Image: ProDogsDirect)

Just over the border in Aldershot, two-and-a-half-year-old Sukie is looking for a forever home.

She is “very nervous”, according to ProDogsDirect, and has had little experience of life in a home with human interaction.

Sukie must be homed with at least one other dog, she would benefit from a calm and social canine friend.

She is in need of a quieter home so she can develop at her own pace and gain confidence, the charity says.

Find out more information here.

Patrick and PJ the Long Haired Dachshunds

Patrick and PJ are up for adoption as a pair
(Image: ProDogsDirect)

These dogs have suffered intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) and after surgery (which was not 100 per cent successful), both have limited mobility.

Both are taking low dose pain medication every day to ensure they are comfortable, this will be further discussed with prospective adopters.

ProDogsDirect says they do not need formal exercise but they love being in the garden. They will also need to be on soft flooring carpet or rugs to protect their legs and feet.

Inside the house they are content pups who “love a fuss”, the charity says. Potential adopters will be expected to travel to Aldershot, where they are currently fostered, to meet Patrick and PJ.

Find out more information here .

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